Brucellosis sometimes occurs with severe symptoms, and sometimes erased or even latent.

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Some patients report general malaise, fatigue, depression, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite. Others complain of synthroid, irritability, pain in the lumbar region, in various muscle groups and joints, chills.
Subfebrile temperature may be noted. Less commonly, the onset is acute, with fever attacks with chills and sweats, without a prodromal period.

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The acute form of brucellosis is characterized by pain and stiffness in the joints, muscle soreness.

In chronic brucellosis, local severe lesions of the joints in the form of Levothyroxine pill arthritis are observed. With brucellosis, changes are found in large joints and joints. There are osteomyelitis, spondylitis, ankylosis, peri- and paraarthritis, tendovaginitis, synovitis, bursitis, fibrositis (painful compaction of the connective tissue).

The peripheral nervous system is often affected (neuritis, plexitis, radiculitis), less often the central nervous system (meningitis, encephalitis, arachnoiditis, etc.). The cardiovascular system also suffers to a large extent, with a predominant lesion of peripheral vessels.


Hepato-lienal syndrome is typical. In men, orchitis, epididymitis are not uncommon, in women - salpingitis, oophoritis, dysmenorrhea, metritis. In the acute period of brucellosis, pregnancy can end in spontaneous miscarriage. Pregnancy often worsens the course of brucellosis, exacerbates it. After one and a half to two years from the onset of the disease, the pregnancy proceeds normally, the child is born healthy. However, in this period, premature birth, stillbirth, etc. are described.

Diagnosis of brucellosis is based on clinical and epidemiological data. An epidemiological history is a significant help in making a diagnosis (profession, contact with sick animals, consumption of infected products, etc.).

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For the diagnosis of brucellosis, the complement fixation reaction (RCC), the opson-phagocytic reaction, is also used.

In recent years, the reaction of passive hemagglutination (RPHA), the determination of the titer of opsonins, the method of immunofluorescence, etc. have been developed and proposed. The intradermal allergic diagnostic test of Burne, which is placed with brucellin and is highly sensitive, is widely used, is detected in the first month of the disease and can persist even after recovery.

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The prognosis for working capacity may be unfavorable

Using a one-gram syringe, 0.1 ml of brucellin is injected into the skin of the forearm. The results of the test are read 24 hours after its setting. In patients with brucellosis, hyperemia, soft tissue edema, and sometimes lymphangitis develop. A positive test is considered when skin hyperemia is 3.5x3 cm in size.

Recently, severe forms of the disease have become less common, and recovery comes more often. Mortality in brucellosis used to be 1 - 6%,now almost non-existent. Prevention of brucellosis consists of a complex of veterinary, sanitary, medical and economic measures.

Animals with brucellosis are systematically identified and slaughtered at the so-called sanitary slaughterhouses or at ordinary ones at the end of the working day, followed by disinfection of the slaughterhouse with a 10% bleach solution. The skins of killed animals are salted and transferred for processing after 3 months. Slaughter of sick cattle is not performed earlier than 3 months. after abortion and in the second half of pregnancy.

In case of forced slaughter of livestock within the prohibited period, their meat is salted for 2 months. Breeding and thoroughbred cattle with brucellosis are kept in isolation wards. Dairy products in brucellosis farms are prepared from pre-heat-treated milk. Ready cheese is aged for 2 months, hard cheeses for 3 months.

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Brucellosis is one of the few rare diseases inherent in animals, but sometimes affecting humans.


But although this disease is extremely rare, it proceeds severely and, as a rule, is accompanied by a mass of all kinds of severe complications.


The destructive effect of this disease is aimed at the reproductive system, the human musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular and nervous systems.